Trattoria detta del Bruxaboschi

Temple of traditions and recipes of the Genovese in the ancient village of S.Desiderio

“Trattoria detta del Bruxaboschi” is a historic Genoese restaurant located in the ancient village of San Desiderio; this year it celebrates 160 years of activity carried out by the same family, now in the fifth generation.

Bruxaboschi is open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday and for lunch on Saturday and Sunday; you can book your table just by calling us at +39 010 3450302 and +39 010 3451429.

You can choose between enjoying your meal in the historic room where also Giuseppe Mazzini stayed, and where you can find mortars, utensils, and kitchenware from the Nineteenth century; the large fireplace room, which is characterized by a chestnut tree in the inside; the wonderful outdoor terrace, under the shadow of secular trees.

What can you find at Bruxaboschi?

Bruxaboschi is one of the oldest gastronomic institutions in Genoa, the secular culinary rites that take place inside its ancient walls will take you back to forgotten memories: those from the dishes of the garden and the woods, where you can find raw materials both of the territory and small producers, such as “piccagge with pesto”, “pansoti with walnut sauce”, “taglierini with mushrooms”. In “frittura mista” each vegetable is cut and shaped in a particular way in order to surprise you with new tastes; it is breaded in eggs and flour, then fried with wisdom and patience. Tradition is combined with innovation, introduced by the fifth generation of cooks, and that finds its maximum expression in the desserts.

Bruxaboschi is also known fot its wine and spirit selection, a wide list of high-quality labels, with a particular attention to small Ligurian producers, but also a special foreign wine selection; a never-ending research that thrills our customers, who every time discover new flavours that enhance the courses.

How can you reach Bruxaboschi?

Trattoria del Bruxaboschi is located in the heart of Liguria, among the green hills of Genova in the ancient village of San Desiderio.

It is about 25km far from the Genoa Airport and about 9km far from the city center; you can reach it by typing on your GPS the following link on Google Maps .

The use of public transports is discouraged, it is better to reach the restaurant by car or taxi. There is a car parking near the restaurant, where a valet will be waiting for you.

Our 160 years

We are pleased to announce an important milestone for our business, even if Covid Sars 19 tried to stop us: we experienced wars, difficult moments, joys and pains of the family, and many stories during the years of our activity, we reached this important anniversary, the fifth generation of the family, and our Trattoria can boast 160 years of history.
We will start a series of initiatives that you will discover during the year and that we hope you will enjoy despite the possible limitations.

We want to emphasize how a whole series of elements, that have brought us to this day, are important for us, starting from our cuisine traditions to the territory, the farmers who supplied us during these long years, providers of excellence, producers of wonderful products, such as wine, oil, vegetables, meat and many other ingredients of an endless list.

The food quality, served according to the most modern techniques of preparation, cooking, preservation, to obtain the maximum respect for traditions. Finally, a choice of sustainability, that entails a series of expensive solutions, sometimes complicated because of the constraints we encountered in trying to improve the energy efficiency of the structure.

Let’s start from a calendar of “dishes of the month”, that will be followed by video recipes and some small surprises, from themed nights with guest chefs, to weekends with seasonal ingredients, to the seasonal tasting menu dedicated to the Bib Gourmant Michelin.

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